History of White Rock Community Center

The original hall was over 100 years old and had to be replaced. The new current hall had its grand opening on May 7th, 1986.

The below poem was written about the original hall.

The Old Hall

The White Rock Hall

The White Rock Hall has to go,
The department of highways tells us so,
It has stood on the corner for many a year.
It will be missed by those living here.

Long years ago when I was young
That old Hall was filled with fun,
There were Christmas concerts and Santa Clause
There was Division with its bylaws.

It is a landmark of bygone years,
Filled with memories of friends very dear
Community plays and concerts galore,
We have lots of fun in those days of yore.

Pie sales, bean suppers, strawberry festival's
And the auctions and teas in the fall
With memories like these it is hard to say
Good-bye to the old White Rock Hall

Written by: Helen (Ells) Davidson, Wolfville

White Rock, public hall ends 100 years of history this week
(part of a newspaper article by Wendy Elliott circa. 1980)

This week the White Rock Hall which was built approximately 100 years ago, will mark its centenary with demolition for the sake of progress.

On June 30th, community members decided with some regret, to sell the structure, the site of innumerable card parities and other social events, to the provincial transportation department. The removal of the hall, which will be carried out by members of the community association, will allow for the extension of the Ridge Bridge.

The hall has stood perched on the hillside between the Gaspereau Road and the Ridge since shortly after the construction of the local Baptist church in 1881, according to White Rock's historian, the late Charles O"Leary. Local branch members of the Sons of Temperance organization, known as the division, had a role in the hall's erection.

In 1917, the deed to the hall was turned over to three trustees for one dollar. At 94 Walter Young is the only one of the trio sill living, but both Everett Forsythe and Howard O'Leary have descendants living today in White Rock.

The hall continues to be used for temperance meetings, pie socials with Joe Smith as auctioneer and school concerts. Opal Parker can recall playing the piano in the hall on many events. her late husband Nat assisted some of the dramatic productions by creating footlights from tin cans and light bulbs.

may adults living in White Rock will remember being lead out of the hall when natures called. There were never any washrooms installed in the structure but it was always been a gathering place for social and recreational events.

After the Second World War, coming home parities were held in the hall. The women of the community held regular quilting parties and wedding showers for young married people of the village.

After the formation of the White Rock Hall Community Association in 1977, the size and lack of conveniences in the public hall became more apparent. Eventually the decision was made to purchase a piece of land down on the Gaspereau Road for erection of a new facility.

History of White Rock Community Center, in Pictures

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Old Mill on the river

Members of the White Rock Community Association, picture was taken in the new kitchen on
Feb. 3th, 1985

S.P. Benjamines Mill in White Rock, which operated about 1900

In 1986 the old swinging bridge was replaced with a new steal structure.

White Rock school in 1936

White Rock Church

The Old White Rock Hall

The old School house


Electric Power and Pulp Works on the Gaspereau River at White Rock

Skating Rink



S.P. Benjamines Mill

Photo was taken in 1890 showing the mill yard and buildings


Construction of our Current Hall, in Pictures

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